• 2 mid-high waist body shaping pants
  • 2 mid-high waist body shaping pants
  • 2 mid-high waist body shaping pants

2 mid-high waist body shaping pants

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Body: 65% Nylon.

Care Instructions: Machine was cold, gentle cycle. Wash before wearing. Only Non-chlorine bleach when needed. Lay flat to dry. Do not iron.

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I've purchased many of these in the past both name brand and unbranded. This one is by far the best! It allowed me to fit into a Christmas dress that I otherwise wouldn't have! It really sucks things in and smooths things out! 140 lbs with most of my weight in my stomach, and cannot tell the difference. They both seem EXACTLY the same to me. Excellent quality, and should last forever. Machine-washed well, however I do hang dry mine.

2 mid-high waist body shaping pants

I received mine today, I'm happy with the quality. I bought a medium size, its very comfortable. I weight 132 lbs and 2 mid-high waist body shaping pants fits perfectly but the most important thing it allows me to breath. If I would purchase a small size, I think it would feel uncomfortable.My waist is a 34.5 in and my hips 46 in since having our 3rd baby boy last year and I want to shrink my waist smaller and get back to my pre pregger body and I looooove this cheap body shaping pants!!! Glad I read the reviews then judged for myself b/c best bodysuits is awesome! Being that I am 5'2 and my waist is smaller than my hips I am very surprised it fits my waist as snug as it does.

But I could of gone with a SMALL I’m normally a medium or large in shirts size 9 in pants I weigh 153 and I’m 5’3 BUT i love my bodysuits to be tight! And 2 mid-high waist body shaping pants is just good tight but I want tight tight so I’ll be purchasing a small ! cheap body shaping pants is good material and stretchy I’ve noticed a different within days I don’t really have time to workout or eat good and being a working single mom so this has helped A lot

Great quality, I've had mine for a while now and it has still kept 2 mid-high waist body shaping pants is shape and does not wear out like some others I have tried. Another pro, the material keeps your stomache hot and has actualy shrunk my stomache just by wearing cheap body shaping pants.

I ordered both a medium and a large because 2 mid-high waist body shaping pants is unclear how the sizes would fit and to return items ordered on Amazon costs more to return than keeping them. Both sizes fit but caffeine body shape bodysuit zipper-breasted was a bit of a struggle to get the medium on and off passing my thighs although I was ok with the fit once on.

cheap body shaping pants

I wish this 2 mid-high waist body shaping pants was in stock in my size! I am 5'3, 140 pounds and I ordered the small. This product is great and the best shapewear I have used. If you have sensitive skin, or sweat a lot, I HIGHLY recommend rubbing baby powder on your stomach or pouring some in after putting it on, then spreading it around; the material irritated my skin very badly, giving me a bad rash.I am ordering a new one because I washed cheap body shaping pants then dried it on high heat, ruining how the inner lining sits.WASH THIS AND LET IT AIR DRY! OR PUT IT IN THE DRYER ON AIR DRY!

I dont ever leave the house without some sort of 2 mid-high waist body shaping pants/compression undergarment on. I'm 5'8 and 150lbs and I'm good shape, but there's nothing like a sleek line free look. I have tried it all, every cut, every brand, every everything and let me tell you this is THE BEST EVER! It holds everything in tightly, leaving no rolls or creases. cheap body shaping pants is teuley seemly as the cut does not cut (no pun intended lol.)Now a days women have the ability to alter their body shape at their whim.... and what's even better about this garment is it does not interfere with wanting to enhance any other parts, top or bottom, with padding.... I have tossed all 80 pieces of shapewear in my drawer and order 6 of the thing style in beige and in black... push up shapewear is all I wear now! You can not go wrong with Camillas! The quality is OUTSTANDING, especially for the price!

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