• backless strapless body shaper | plus size shapewear 5x & summer & ladies - 571868480428
  • backless strapless body shaper | plus size shapewear 5x & summer & ladies - 571868480428
  • backless strapless body shaper | plus size shapewear 5x & summer & ladies - 571868480428

caffeine body shaper

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Body: 80% Nylon.

Care Instructions: Machine was cold, gentle cycle. Wash before wearing. Only Non-chlorine bleach when needed. Lay flat to dry. Do not iron.

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This product is really nice, well made and very comfortable. Love this slimmer. Very comfortable. Holds all the right places without feeling suffocated. Will definitely buy it in the nude color.

backless strapless body shaper

I've been wearing this garment since needing extra support after abdominal surgery 15 years ago. I love it. You truly look 5 lbs lighter. Flattens out midriff and stomach. 5 stars for sure. Buy with confidence. Thank you. Its a little big for me but backless strapless body shaper is still holding in every thing . I will be getting two more in it . The straps digs into your sholder a little just adjust it. It also holds down your bottom a little but I hardly have any so you girls who have it wont be a problem. but plus size shapewear 5x reallys looks good under most of my clothes. I would advice any ony to buy it. I purchased one of these because I couldn't find a bodysuit anywhere. All I wanted was one of those "onesie" style undershirts like babies have so that I wouldn't have to worry about my crack hanging out with low riding pants. I now own a couple of these. They prevent muffin-top, give your chest a boost, and keep my warmer all day. I found my posture has improved as well. Loved medium control shapewear so much I bought another! Love that I can wear my own bra and that straps are adjustable! Helps smooth out panty lines, etc. And kept me warmer, but not too much so with a dress. Love it! I am 5'7 with an average torso length and it fits fine. control bodysuit shapewear does cause "quadra butt," and I'm considering altering the back to fix that however bridal shapewear strapless doesn't matter if you're wearing it around the house. I will buy the next size down when it's time!

I wear the Flexees ultimate slimmer every day with every type of clothing. backless strapless body shaper is the third one I have purchased.You can feel confident wearing this briefer because best shapewear allows you to wear your own bra. There is no pulling or tugging like the one I have that includes a bra. No riding up, just comfortable lycra helping me slim down the "bumps" and muffin top that ordinairly would be a problem. Laundry in a lingerie bag with other clothes and hang to dry.

Great purchase. backless strapless body shaper made everything flat. I have a gut from giving birth to 3 children and I'm so glad I found this shaper bcuz medium control shapewear really does work and I didn't have to spend alot of money for it! I even just purchased another one in a different color!!

This backless strapless body shaper was exactly as described and delivered very quickly. I would purchase from this vendor again. Thank you very much! I wear a 10 or 12 in pants and I think it fits well. A little harder to get on than I thought but then again, control bodysuit shapewear is supposed to be tight to suck it all in! I think I'm really going to love it.

plus size shapewear 5x

Very nice to have when needed. Good purchase! Initially ordered the kind with the bra but didn't like backless strapless body shaper. This one is much better in my opinion!

medium control shapewear

I bought this backless strapless body shaper after finding the department store prices a little outrageous. I bought two (one by Flexees and one by Bali) Bali is a little sturdier, but Flexees is just as slimming. This plus size shapewear 5x makes me look a lot neater in my clothing. I love this item and wear it all day until medium control shapewear is bedtime. I have no complaints and think all women should have one to smooth out your look...no matter your size.Well, okay, there is still a muffin but medium control shapewear is held in beautifully by this wonderful shapewear. I love that I can wear my own bra and still have full body control. I wear these every day and have been buying them for at least the last four years, maybe five. I bought another style earlier this year but they are not as firm a control. control bodysuit shapewear is the best.best slimming shapewear is perfect for under those party dresses that usually show your bulges. I am 74,5'7" and weigh 140 lbs. The size medium fits great. Love the snaps at the crotch. So great to not have to undress to go to the bathroom.

control bodysuit shapewear

I read through multiple reviews and decided not to let the few poor reviews steer me away from purchasing this slimmer. Those who favored this product were spot on and now I join them with my 5 STAR REVIEW!!!I found this body slimmer to be true to size. I ordered a medium and backless strapless body shaper hit me like a glove...making me look flush and curvy and not suffocating me or making me uncomfortable. The straps were no bother at all and hooking the crotch was not difficult. plus size shapewear 5x two factors had me on the fence when reading the reviews..but don't let them be deal breakers!I drank through the night and I didn't feel congested as the night progressed. The slimmer is fitting but its not tight to the point where you can't eat/drink or sit comfortably as the night progresses. Seriously..this slimmer was perfect. I forgot I had it on.I preference this product over Sp by far! For the price..you can't lose. Try medium control shapewear yourself. I felt so sexy and confident wearing this under my LBD... :) At first the straps rubbed on my skin near my armpits and it burnt but after the 3rd time wearing it, it didnt do that anymore !! I love this product , control bodysuit shapewear makes me feel better about how i look when i have it on and there is no lines showing that im wearing black strapless bodysuit. I love that its open bust ! Makes me feel about 15-20 thinner. I will probably order a new one real soon just incase this one wears out !!

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This product is everything I hoped for and more. I look so polished and smooth in my clothing and it appears to be working along with the change in diet an increase exercise regime. It helps me remain motivated to meet my weight loss goals.
This is my 4th one, I love it! Fits great and you look better in your clothes. Helps your posture while you're sitting.
I've been wearing my squeem for awhile now, and i can say i have become quite addicted to wearing it...everyday. When i first started wearing it, it was a little uncomfortable. After awhile i couldn't go with out wearing it.
I bought this for after the delivery of my first son. I wore it right away, and although it is uncomfortable to begin with, being tight, you get used to it pretty fast. When I went back to work I wore this all the time, the girls were always giving me complements on my postpartum "figure." I bought this to help push my muscles back into place after delivery. Soon enough this compression vest became to large on me and I was happy to retire it until the next time I had a baby again. I didn't have bad diastasis recti or anything, so I cannot speak to those who suffer from it, but I do believe wearing this shape-wear got me back to my postpartum figure a lot quicker than I would have without it.
This product really works. Gives me great shape. I'm a size 14 and ordered a large. It's like getting a mommy tuck and lift :-).
LOVE it!!!! got it (size Med) I am 5'4 and weigh 138 pounds. First day I could barely get into it but wore it for 6 hours or so. 2nd day way easier to put on and wore for 8 hours! I can now order size small! I will be able to fit into small In a few weeks or less, love it!
My waist is 47inches which would fall in the 4x size range. I knew I wanted it tighter so I decided to get a 3X instead. Well, the 3X fits just right. BUT I DON'T WANT JUST RIGHT! I want it smaller so I would have to squeeze in it and force myself to hold stomach in. At any rate, I think this is a good product. It gives you good posture, it helps you suck it in, and it makes your waist look smaller.
This is an amazing piece of shapewear. It's invisible under your shirt. Unlike some shapewear, it covers the area under and behind your arms, so you aren't left with a roll. It doesn't mess with my bra the way other shapewear does, because the back part holds it in place. It fits well: I'm a size 8-10, and I got a medium. It also encourages me to eat less, because it's firmly wrapped around my abdomen.
I bought this product based on consumer reviewsSo I feel compelled to write one of my own. To those complaining that this waist trainer fits “too tight” what do you expect from a waist trainer? That’s it’s purpose and it definitely serves this purpose well. The main reason I purchased this version with the vest vs the traditional waist trainer is because I didn’t like that those tended to squish all my back fat up, resting on top of the trainer. I absolutely hated how that looked and made me feel. This one keeps everything in place and instantly gives the appearance of inches shedded off my waist and midsection while also lifting my breasts and giving them a very perky look. I tend to slouch over without realizing but while wearing this squeem that’s not a possibility. The stiffness and structure makes you instantly improve your posture. I’ve found when I wear this long enough throughout the day, once I take it off, I can’t help but sit and walk with my back straight. This is with continued use though. Overall I’m extremely satisfied! I wear it under all my tight clothes and it doesn’t bunch up. It’s very smooth and discreet.
Great product!! I’m very tall it fits my torso and is very very comfortable!! Would buy again if I had too!!
I love this shaper. I just got it and literally ran home to try it on. You honesty get quality. I won’t lie. I was skeptical about the price as I’ve ordered waist trainers that cost $$$. Well, I’m going to need to order a couple. This thing is amazing. It keeps everything nice and tight and I can actually breathe in it lol. Smooth, no show, which means I can wear underneath just about anything and no one will no. I am so satisfied with this product...

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