• black lace off the shoulder bodysuit & lace full & wedding bridal - esaning - 610856165202
  • black lace off the shoulder bodysuit & lace full & wedding bridal - esaning - 610856165202
  • black lace off the shoulder bodysuit & lace full & wedding bridal - esaning - 610856165202
  • black lace off the shoulder bodysuit & lace full & wedding bridal - esaning - 610856165202

spring thin shapewear

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Body: 58% Nylon.

Care Instructions: Machine was cold, gentle cycle. Wash before wearing. Only Non-chlorine bleach when needed. Lay flat to dry. Do not iron.

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I really enjoy how smooth the flexes make everything. I wear them under tigher fitting clothing to reduce bumps, lumps and rolls. I have a larger chest than most women my size so I like the fact I can wear my own full figure bra even though I am a size 12.

black lace off the shoulder bodysuit

I really didn't know what to expect as I have tried quite a few others styles and brands in the past and felt let down by them, but having put a bit extra weight on and going on holiday soon I wanted to at least feel comfortable in evening gowns without looking like a sack of old potatoes, yes I did order a size larger than the chart said and glad that I did, a little tugging to get it pulled up but once on black lace off the shoulder bodysuit felt comfortable, tried one my dresses on with lace wedding bodysuit and was very pleased with the results it gave, I can now go on holiday happy so have just ordered another in black.I can’t believe how much I have previously spent on spdsgsa before discovering this. I googled advice on the best support pants and this make came up. lace full bodysuit are incredible. The fabric is silky and holds you in without pain! This particular style is perfect but just make sure you check the hold of any other products from this shapewear for dress as I bought a tan pair but it did not provide any hold. off the shoulder bodysuit is my fault as I should have read the product information better. This one though is amazing and I am ordering another one when I find it in a natural colour.

I love this black lace off the shoulder bodysuit I had to buy a second one in case they stop making them!!! The best shaper of alllllll time!!! Its got thin unnoticeable material on the legs unlike other lace wedding bodysuit - which you can see through where the shaper ends/begins.

This black lace off the shoulder bodysuit you cannot see over pants. It has very thick compression under the thin silky material around your belly and back , where its needed most. I have tried every lace full bodysuit on the market. I am in love with it!!! I took a photo off the inside compression material just so its easier to understand!

black lace off the shoulder bodysuit provides the best coverage for smoothing and shapewear for dress my body. Works so much better than the High-waisted shorts shapewear which always roll down.

lace wedding bodysuit

I've tried a lot of different black lace off the shoulder bodysuit brands and this is, by far, the best pair I've bought. I sized down to a medium to make sure I get the svelte effect I'm looking for. I'm shorter, so the legs on shaping shorts tend to run long on me and stick out beneath my dress. This pair isn't as bad as others, but i still have to be mindful. I love the smoothing effect black halter top bodysuit has all the way up the back. No bra lines! Much better than spdsgsa.

lace full bodysuit

I have tried quite a few shapewear bodies but I find black lace off the shoulder bodysuit the best one & very comfortable (as comfortable as lace wedding bodysuit can be). The fabric is so thin that there is no cutting in on the thighs. Unlike a lot of lace full bodysuit it doesn't seem to lift your behind - which I am really pleased with. If I wanted my behind to stick up and out then I wouldn't be looking at underwear that is supposed to suck it all in! This squashes everything in so gave me the slimmest profile of all the shapewear for dress I have tried - some of it near ??100 so this is a bargain. The only criticism I have (hence the 4 stars) is that the super slimming band that you can see in the pic forms a pant best shapewear within the body is quite high cut - therefore if you have any extra bits of fat on the hips (love handles I guess) then these aren't held in as much as the area above - so it can give bulges here. If the super power band section wasn't cut so high this wouldn't happen. A small gripe really as everywhere else is held in beautifully.

shapewear for dress

I am 5 foot so short in both legs and upper body. Size 10ish around waist and hips and thighs and size 12 around bust. My main concerns are a bit of a pot belly and back fat! I ordered a size MEDIUM and black lace off the shoulder bodysuit fits fine and although a little tight pulling lace wedding bodysuit up and not as generous around the bust as I would prefer, lace full bodysuit gives me a great silhouette across my back and pulls in my tummy, it feels far more comfortable then the high waisted pants I usually wear because it does not roll down and the shoulder straps can be altered. Glad I bought best shapewear for stomach and thighs , as I am happy with the results, delivery was as expected. Sorry to give exact size details but I think shapewear for dress helps other people to choose the size they need !!

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this is comfortable and slimming - I love it!
Very comfortable and easy to put on.
Like a glove...
I like it so far, the belly is really flat when worn.
Really pulls it all in!
I love the instant results I see when I wear this shaper. Before, there'd be a noticeable bulge around the belly area. With this shaper, it ultra smooth and not uncomfortably so.
When I received the package, which was a day before the expected delivery day...yea, I was worried as I read the package. The box said if I was in between sizes to get the larger size, well that's not what I'd done; so, I took it out
Girl it is right and tight. When it first gets there be ready to struggle to get it on....you're supposed to. After a few wears and HAND WASHES it gets easier. Do NOT put in the dryer, my other one fell apart on me because of that. Only wear for a few hours a day or it will get to ya. Happy training
This fits exceptionally well it is snug but it’s supposed to be it compresses and holds everything in perfectly! It creates a wonderful waist line and nips in just the right spot under the rib cage. it’s practically seamless under clothing and gives such a beautiful hourglass figure. overall great product

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