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  • Monday, 06 January 2020
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Go for midi pink casual dress glamour when you wear the Beaded Sleeveless Silky Knit Dress. This gown has a floor-length skirt that falls almost straight down from an empire waist in beautiful Cerise silky knit fabric. The shoulder straps are lace bodysuit beaded for a bit of sparkle, and the bodice features a criss-cross over the heart that is flattering and feminine.
Over the past couple of years this has slowly been changing. Women and girls have been embracing the dress again, not just for nights out on the town, but also for day to day wear. The re-introduction of the leggings/treggings/jeggings etc. Has made express bandage dress easier for women that were not too best bodysuits confident baring their legs in the day, to wear a dress but still have that extra cover. Tights tend to smarten a dress but leggings make the look more casual, making dresses a great day to day staple.
Another important tip to remember is to choose dresses that fit. This may seem obvious, but many women believe that dresses which are a bit too large will hide their belly fat. In fact, just the opposite is true. Too much material just adds unnecessary bulk. However, don't make the opposite mistake and choose a dress that is too small. This will only accentuate your stomach area. Buy a dress in your true size, selecting one of the styles above. You will be amazed how the proper cut and fabric will minimize your midsection.
Year 2014 is opening up the world of weddings to the tends of fashion. Expect to see short dresses with bold print on them. This trend has been famous in Africa for a long time, but now black ruffle bandage dress is spreading to the rest of the world. For bridal dresses, the bold print is matched with chiffon or satin to create a beautiful dress.

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