What is add lining mean, dress is see through if not add?

  • Thursday, 23 January 2020
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Yes, the casual white dress with sleeves has sheer stripes. So you’ll need a liner or bra if not adventurous. I wore without anything in low lighting and it was fine and a little sexy when the lighting was brighter

It ran about 1 size too small on me. It's a cute embroidered chiffon black and white casual dress though. It stopped at upper thigh though so it was shorter on me than the picture.

No... It's skin tight. I sized up and it was still way too tight.

This bandage dress comes with a lining and without. It is partial see through

The lining is in the critical areas... so the breast and bikini areas are covered. Its a really nice bodycon midi dress... both my wife and I love it!

No, just the bottom is lined- you’ll need a bra or pasties, or a tank on the top

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