• comfortable shapewear for stomach : breathable shapewear & bridal & strapless | esaning - 571870084184
  • comfortable shapewear for stomach : breathable shapewear & bridal & strapless | esaning - 571870084184
  • comfortable shapewear for stomach : breathable shapewear & bridal & strapless | esaning - 571870084184
  • comfortable shapewear for stomach : breathable shapewear & bridal & strapless | esaning - 571870084184

thin hips and high waist shaper

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Body: 68% Elastane, 32% Nylon.

Care Instructions: Machine was cold, gentle cycle. Wash before wearing. Only Non-chlorine bleach when needed. Lay flat to dry. Do not iron.

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It firms up just the right places on your body while giving you smooth lines. And it didn't cause discomfort while wearing. My only ask would be that it would go down a little further on the legs. It covers so much of the midsection and hips it makes sense to cover a little more. Very happy with it.

comfortable shapewear for stomach

My theory about control wear is there are two types of customers: the first being some that need minimal shaping and compression, and the second being the type that really need firm control and shaping. I fall into that second category. I'm overweight, 35, had two kids and nursed both of bridal shapewear strapless. So things are all out of control with my shape! I started wearing shape wear 10 years ago after a cesarean and most jumpers were serious business, stiff, sometimes had boning and paneling, and extremely uncomfortable, especially on the shoulders and crotch. So I'm pretty used to the discomfort, but comfortable shapewear for stomach has always been worth it to dramatically transform my figure. This breathable shapewear offers very firm control with minimal discomfort. The crotch is wide and does not cause any discomfort and the fabric is dense and high quality with very little give. best slimming shapewear is a bit short in the torso ( I'm 5'7" with pretty average torso length) but a good pro tip is to make sure the back is pulled all the way up- not doing so can cause the whole bodysuit to pull down and feel too short. I am extremely happy with this purchase!!Just received today(item came spot on date)and it fit perfectly. I normally wear a size 16(2x) and after reading the reviews I ordered a size down(1x). best shapewear basically smoothes out your shape. It does not bring you down a size but it does give you a nicer appearance in clothing. No back fat lines or stomach jiggles or spillage lol. It serves its purpose as shape wear and it’s also comfortable.

It's nice that comfortable shapewear for stomach has the suit fit without the thigh coverage that can make lines under your jeans.The straps keep it from rolling down unlike the ones that you pull over you ribs that have no straps.I am tall and this fits length well, it has adjustable straps, and the panty has bathroom access; also length adjustable.The straps sometimes rub me wrong, but breathable shapewear is still one of the best shapers I have tried.

I love these! breathable shapewear help my back a lot and help keep my core engaged. The only downside is comfortable shapewear for stomach is a little difficult to snap it back up after using the restroom, but not impossible, & it’s not like they are for daily wear, so....

comfortable shapewear for stomach worked great for my needs. I wear a 16/18 and ordered an XXL. Saturday night I wore a black gown to a charity event. bridal shapewear strapless was comfortable to wear all night and smoothed my tummy, rear and back. It was a great purchase!

breathable shapewear

PROS:I've been wearing comfortable shapewear for stomach for years I love the smoothing and amount of control they offer. I love that I can wear my own bra. I'm a 38 DDD/E-F and I've never found an all-in-one that accommodates that bust size.CONS:Back panels should be made of the same material as the sides - full bodysuit shapewear tend to run and stretch out of shape there first.Also wash with like colors as the beige one will pick up other colors in the wash and get dingy. Hang dry! The dryer plays heck on the elastic/spandex

best slimming shapewear

I bought this compression garment after having abdominal liposuction and the hospital wants $140! This one was PERFECT and for the right price! I am 67in and 164 pounds and i bought the XL that fit great and as expected.comfortable shapewear for stomach a little bit of a pain getting the hooks undone in the crotch area to go pee but its doable. All together best bodysuits is a great compression garment and i high recommend it for post liposuction!I lost 60 lbs. four years ago and have kept it off. Obviously, however, there’s still some extra flesh here and there that could use a little smoothing. These Flexees do the job and then some. Easily adaptable (especially with the hook-and-eye feature in the crotch), this best slimming shapewear does what old-fashioned girdles from the ’40’s and ’50’s did, but with style and comfort. And the ability to wear your own bra makes this lingerie invaluable! If you’re trying to wear that special garment with particular flair, get this product!

bridal shapewear strapless

comfortable shapewear for stomach is the first time a shape wear fits me really well, i'm 5'7 and I'm 125 pounds. Usually when I buy a shape wear I don't know why companies think that if you wear Xs or S size that also means you are short! so breathable shapewear were really uncomfortable to wear.this shape wear has adjustable straps in your shoulders allowing you to adjust your height.I bought it in a size S and it is still tight helping me to mold my body.I'm Really pleased with this best slimming shapewear.I have been wearing Flexees body slimmers for years. They provide an incredible amount of support all over your body but for me, especially my back. I was in a water skiing accident MANY years ago and have issues from that. These are heaven once you get them up! bridal shapewear strapless are pretty tough when you first put them on, but just wiggle your way through it and you're done! I also love the fact that you can wear any bra you choose. My experience with black shapewear that have a bra included leave much to be desired. They flatten you out and it's not comfortable. I love Flexees and won't go to anything else. I was so happy to find them on Amazon!!

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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SQUEEM!!!!!!It' fits me comfortably, I slept it the first night I got it. I'm wearing it now.Details :-) 5`6 tall .. 170 weight size 6/27 jeans .. medium-sized shirts. So..I brought a medium fits great still have breathing room. The Body shaper is great quality.Worked overnight lol.. I can really feel everything going back in together.
Good product , works well.
Love this product! It was VERY hard to put on the first couple of times, but trust me, it was worth it. I am a massage therapist, and work all day wearing it (usually 6 - 8 clients). I am also always hot, but this doesn't bother me. Instantly slimming. I've had 5 abdominal surgeries in the past three years, and this feels good to wear. Also, I hurt my back recently, and wearing this felt more comfortable and supportive. Very good quality, very happy with purchase.
I get compliments every day. It holds great, no bulkiness it doesn't roll up, its a comfortable fit. It take in my waist about 2-3inches, it hides well under most garments. You can hardly detect the middle where the latches are, It is even long enough for back support to squeeze the problem area of bra bulge. Great!!!!
It felt a little tight at first. But now it is just great!! Makes me look amazing!!
This is the best latex waist cincher i've ever had. I tried the ann other brand but it didn't work for me. This one is so comfortable and i even wear it at work. Highly recommended. Fits true to size.
It does what it claims and I love it. Not only does it make you look smaller and smoother it helps your posture which lengthens you and you appear even taller and thinner. It is definitely a miracle product.
This shapewear is really awesome,it does what it says magic....I had one for years and I loved it so much and since it had gotten old I decided to ordered two.You won't regret buying this cause you're going to shed inches.I've lost about 5 inches already.They recommend you wear it for 8 hrs a day and I've been doing that.I'm absolutely happy with this product
The sizing chart is accurate, it provides amazing support and slims me down by 2 inches when I wear it (I ordered a size small), I am also 5'2 and 120lbs. It has been about a month now and I do see a difference, my waist has slimmed down an inch already. I also run 3 days a week, so that helps too of course. I live in a warm area so if you live or have to be in a warm environment, be prepared to sweat. I wear it about 7-10 hours a day, sometimes I get lazy and wear it while I sleep instead of through out the day. I'm already considering ordering a x-small.
Even though I am a larger woman I do have a small waist. I wear a size 24 in pants and according to the size chart I should wear like a 4x. Well I decided to go with a 3xl instead wore it for about a week and was already on the second row of hooks. I now have a 2xl and am on the 2 row of hooks as well. It doesn't feel tight to wear I can breathe. I work out in it 5 days a week 2 hours a day,andeave ot on for additional 5 to 6 hours.. people say the have seen the difference bit I haven't in myself. But I do know I love it either way and I don't feel the same without it on while I workout.
I bought this waist trainer after I had my baby and I love it. It fits perfectly and it wont roll down. I had ac section and it doesn't bother me. Great product
The material is really nice, high quality - similar to a wet suit - but is light, flexible, and breathable while remaining strong and holding everything in. The buckles are sturdy and there are enough of them. The only other shapewear that I have found that offers this level of support always has some sort of buckles, wire, or texture that shows across my stomach and through my shirt - letting everyone know that I am wearing shapewear. Amazingly - this body shaper doesn't! I wear tight, solid-colored shirts and you can't even tell that I'm wearing anything underneath. In addition, it offers incredible support - while still being flexible and allowing me to breathe. There is nothing else in the market like this. I don't know what material it is that they use - but it is magic.

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