• extra firm control shapewear strapless - best shapewear for hips & mint & navy - 571868480422
  • extra firm control shapewear strapless - best shapewear for hips & mint & navy - 571868480422

ultra-thin breasted triangle shaper

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Body: 90% Nylon.

Care Instructions: Machine was cold, gentle cycle. Wash before wearing. Only Non-chlorine bleach when needed. Lay flat to dry. Do not iron.

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I am very pleased with this garment, it gives me a better silhouette, and feels so comfortable I can wear it all day.I went with medium, and hoped it would be a better fit than going bigger with the large. Very confortable even on hot days, although it's light it also keeps nice and smoothed Your waist looks fantastic.

extra firm control shapewear strapless

This slimmer gives you not only a great figure (smoothing all the right places), but extra firm control shapewear strapless also forces you to have great posture in the process - pulling back your shoulders and giving your breasts great support and lift.Far better than what I expected. So glad I did not waste more money on Spanx. best shapewear for hips did the job under a very fitted knit dress.It does have the buttons at the crotch… but I had no problem using the rest room with ladies corsets shapewear.This is an excellent product. best inexpensive shapewear fits so smoothly under my clothes. I would recommend this shaper top anyone that is looking for something to make their clothing fit better.Of all the shape wear items I purchased, black bodysuit pants is the only one I still use.It is a good product, holds up nicely, and squeezes more practically then some. Will not change who a person is, but I find it very helpful on my figure.

AWESOME, Don't stop making these I can't survive without due to make in jury's. This extra firm control shapewear strapless is a 2 for 1 deal. best shapewear for hips makes you feel and look thiner and clothes fit and look better along with the why it helps keep your posture too.

extra firm control shapewear strapless is the most comfortable shaper I have bought. I want a smoother fit under my dress clothes. One of my friends wore it under her gym pants. I tried ladies corsets shapewear and it does work well. My posture is better and it works like the spandex workout wear. I like the fact I can wear my own bra since I am not proportioned like the one piece with bra is.

The first day that I wore the torsette, extra firm control shapewear strapless fit perfectly except black scoop neck long sleeve bodysuit was pinching just under my bra in the front and under my arms. But, the next day, I wore my bra over best inexpensive shapewear instead of under it, and it is perfect, no pinching anywhere.

best shapewear for hips

I LOVE this bodybriefer. extra firm control shapewear strapless is the first time I have worn any type of shapeware but after putting on a few pounds I thought I would try it. It smooths out all the lumps and makes me look at least 10 pounds slimmer!! Mind you, I still am trying to lose weight but in the meantime I can wear my clothes without being embarrassed with a muffin top. I would highly recommend this product. I ordered another one today!!

ladies corsets shapewear

I initially purchased this by the daily size I wear. When I recieved extra firm control shapewear strapless the garment was waaaay too small. So, I then sent it back and went by the size chart and best shapewear for hips fit like a glove. I recently had a TT and needed another girdle. This was just as good if not better than the one I got from my PS. Would recommend this product to anyone looking for some extra support.ladies corsets shapewear is the best shaper I have ever owned. Helps hold in my tummy and gets rid of back fat! Very comfortable.Love this it was a very sturdy material ..And it has a smooth finish under your clothes which I love also ..and best inexpensive shapewear has vet broad straps which I love also ...shipping was super fast which I loved also .. Works well to reduce midsection. I have bought several of these and best shapewear are some of my favorite shapers.

best inexpensive shapewear

Dont bother looking for sp and wasting so much money. This shapewear is actually way better and fits perfect. extra firm control shapewear strapless really flattens all the imperfections, which is the purpose.best shapewear for hips are my favorite shapewear by a landslide. the only ones that actually suck you in. you can even put them on, put a bra on over ladies corsets shapewear< and then take the straps down and tuck them into your bra. perfect for when you are wearing a tank top type outfit.Bought this for my daughter. She loves it. best inexpensive shapewear has just enough sp to hold everything in and but not squish you. She likes it also since the legs are short and do not show through jeans and under short dresses. Easy to put on. Downfall is that your breast are pushed in and up (she is a DD). best shapewear pants gives sort of a "muffin top" effect. Will have to adjust your breasts a lot! The sizing is correct she is 5'4 and 195 and the XLarge fits her fine.

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This product is the best. I have been wearing it for a number of years. It fits perfectly. I must tell you I am addicted to it. I wear it every day I can’t leave without it. You won’t be sorry you ordered it.
This really pulls you in and makes you look a couple sizes smaller. Also, it is not too uncomfortable for what it is.
Fits well.
Fits perfect and snug. It prevents my stomach from expanding. And with diet and exercise the Body shaper will make my stomach shrink
love it! It really makes a difference and is so comfortable. does not roll top or bottom. cant wait until time to purchase a smaller one.
I absolutely love my body shaper. The sizing of it is on point, and it absolutely makes me look smaller in my mid section. I have been wearing it for one week now, and I have lost 3 inches in my waist. It's definitely worth the money, and I guarantee you won't be disappointed!
I love this shapewear. I first read about it when I started looking for something to give my back support. Well I ordered one and what a difference it made in my back and also in how I looked. It helps shore up the "girls" too. I hope I will always be able to purchase this article
Great product!
I bought my first one while I was in DC. They don't have the store where I live so I turn to esaning to see if it was sold here and it was. I had to buy a new one because I had lost enough weight from changing my eating habits that I needed a smaller size. Yay! This cincher is so comfortable! I've even worn it to bed and I don't even notice it. I love it! It is worth the investment!
I own the regular cincher, just purchased this vest, they really know what they are doing! I immediately lost and inch and a half on my waist when wearing it, looks awesome under clothes... undetectable! Also, I have read some people saying it gets loose, seriously, from experience with the regular waist cincher (same material, worn for over a year) they do not stretch over time, but if you are waist training, they will get slightly loose as your waist gets smaller. Just fasten it on the next set of loops, and it will be snug again. Of course, if you once again get smaller, that second set of loops will become loose, so congrats, time to go down a size :-)I usually don't leave reviews, but I had to here because I have tried many brands and materials, on my quest for a small waist, this is the only company I have found that:1) Makes a cincher without boning (the vertical bones they usually have and that are totally visible under clothes)2) Has a thin material, yet effective. Thin material equals less bulge under clothes3) The price is more than fair! Quality is great, my regular cincher I have had it for well over a year, and it is still in mint condition! Now that I am smaller, I am giving it to my sister.Just want to say, I started with a waist measuring 30 inches (without corset) then 28 1/2 with medium corset.
I loved this shaper. It fit nicely was comfortable all night! What’s even better, it definitely made me 10 lbs slimmer.
This tight fitting body support was purchased with hopes it would give her both support during a night out dancing and control some of her tummy concerns. It worked excellent and although she usually fits into medium outfits, the large worked better to over her hips. A well made garment that worked as advertised.

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