short sleeve bodysuit

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Body: 80% Nylon.

Care Instructions: Machine was cold, gentle cycle. Wash before wearing. Only Non-chlorine bleach when needed. Lay flat to dry. Do not iron.

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Nice and lightweight! Great for the warmer months. Very very comfortable. This is not going to change your size at all unless you maybe order a size that is too small. It does what it says and smooths everything out so your clothes look better.

good shapewear tummy

I have always struggled with my weight and so I tend to wear slimmers a lot. I bought good shapewear tummy hoping that it would tuck everything away. Usually I buy the ones that just tuck in my tummy. This product was amazing. It tucked in everything. My tummy, my back, even under my armpits. Everything was smooth and wonderful. I feel great in this.The sleeves were really uncomfortable but I adjusted mine and was fine with them afterwards. Also, I love that I don't constantly have to take best extra firm compression shapewear on and off to go to the bathroom, that would be a huge hassle. plus size tummy control shapewear has hooks on the bottom that easily come undone so you can go to the bathroom. I highly recommend this.I absolutely love this Flexees slimmer. I wear it every day! It does exactly what I wanted it to, slim me up on the sides and my tummy. NO MORE MUFFIN TOP! shapewear tank is completely comfortable. The snaps on the bottom are hard to get used to at first, but now best pregnancy shapewear is second nature and I have no problems at all. I did buy the large and I'm 5'6" and about 135 pounds. Anything smaller and I wouldn't have been able to get it on. I will be purchasing a second one very soon so I can alternate them.

Post pregnancy and good shapewear tummy is the only thing that c section feel comfortable on long days. Plus my pants fit much better! Great support and great plus size tummy control shapewear very high quality.

This is an awesome alternative to Sp. good shapewear tummy is way cheaper and stays up rolling! For reference, I’m a size 16 and got the XL. best extra firm compression shapewear fit perfectly and sucked up every roll on my body!

amazing, i just gained a bit of weight but with this i still feel comfortable in my dresses, wearing good shapewear tummy is very slimming and well as comfortable as any type of best pregnancy shapewear slimming shape wear can be. Great buy!

plus size tummy control shapewear

I am in the process of loosing weight. I received this best shapewear in the mail and thought this may not work! Well , I ate my words . good shapewear tummy does the job greatly! It holds everything in place . It is constructed in a sturdy manner so I was not disappointed there either. Over all I would recommend this product to someone interested in a product like this!

best extra firm compression shapewear

I ordered many many shapers and compared extensively. good shapewear tummy was by far the winner. Does a really nice job at smoothing out my whole torso, plus pumps up the bootie and smoothes plus size tummy control shapewear really really nicely.I got a Large but I'm curious to try on a Medium to see if the effect is even more dramatic.Oh and a plus... it is SO comfortable. I definitely see myself wearing this everyday and ordering more.I read all the reviews a few times before finally making a decision. Here’s what I wanted to know when trying to decide which to buy. I am 5’5 205lbs. I bought a large, best extra firm compression shapewear is snug, but it does the job. I would recommend this best pregnancy shapewear.I love this product. I bought it to help recover from my c-section without having to spend an arm and a leg on a decent belly support band. black off the shoulder bodysuit short sleeve is super comfortable, and does the job. My only complaint is that it does cut into my bottom a little bit, which causes lines with my pants.

best pregnancy shapewear

I recently ordered a Vedette good shapewear tummy that is similar in appearance to this... and let me just say I regret that purchase entirely. Feeling sort of wary of purchasing a plus size tummy control shapewear online, I finally decided to just bite the bullet and TRY this one... why not, right?Let me just say... I will never purchase another brand of body shapers again. This is perfect... and I mean PERFECT. The design is amazing, it flattens and shapes while still being comfortable. I have been progressively losing weight, and I bought this shaper in the hopes of making everything appear taut while I am working to make it that way. This does the job and then some.If you are in between on which body shaper to get... I fully recommend this one.One thing I will say is to refer to their size chart. I ordered a medium and best extra firm compression shapewear fits perfectly, although it may seem a little tough to get on the first time. It's actually very simple to get on and comfortable to extra firm compression shapewear are three hooks at the crotch area which need to be undone (obviously) when using the restroom. I didn't find those too difficult, but be warned about them if you have a weak bladder... you may need to take some precautions. The hooks work like a typical bra hook would.Also, if you plan on wearing this shaper for a full day make sure you adjust the straps to where you need comfortable shapewear for stomach. I forgot to adjust them and wore this for an hour until I finally thought "Ouch! These things are digging into my shoulders." After adjusting them - problem solved.

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