shapewear & bodysuits

Not so many years ago there were a number of unwritten (and some written) rules about what was appropriate - and inappropriate apparel. Now, however, almost anything goes - almost anything! The first and main rule is that it should make you feel good about yourself and your body. It should give you confidence and make you sparkle. It should make you feel like a fairytale princess. A big order, you may think, but when broken down it is not so very difficult.
In China, there are thousands of factories making bodycon dress. Some big manufacturers make bridal dresses, evening dresses, lace bodysuit and other special-occasion dresses exclusively for some designer brands. But there are still a lot of other smaller factories, who can not get orders from the designer brands because its limits in production ability. How do they survive? Why are there still many of them? In China, we call these small factories processing factories. Sometimes big manufacturers can not handle so many orders, then they will let small factories to make for them. That is why so many small factories exist. They get orders from big manufacturers, and process body shaper for women with material supplied by big manufacturers. The process includes fabric cutting, sewing, lacing, beading and other hand works needed for making short sleeve bandage dress. The big manufacturers control the quality by designer brand quality standard, and they only accept the qualified ones. After several years, these small workshops have been trained very well and grown up to be experts. Their quality can catch up with any designer brands. So, if some unknown factories say their quality is very good, I think you will have to give a chance to believe it.
If you're looking to create an elegant impression at a formal event, a Diane Von Furstenberg wrap blue bodycon dress is your most valuable asset. A wrap dress from the beautiful Winter 2009/2010 collection will have all heads turning your way. The Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress is at the forefront of the fashion industry once again this season, combining simplicity and style with sensational results.