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  • most effective shapewear | shapewear for womens tummy - esaning - 572201519291

caffeine slim fit long sleeve shaper

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Body: 80% Silk

Care Instructions: Machine was cold, gentle cycle. Wash before wearing. Only Non-chlorine bleach when needed. Lay flat to dry. Do not iron.

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One of the best I've bought.. especially for this price! Fits like a glove.. Keeps everything in place and gives a nice silhouette. I originally bought this for post op liposuction and breast aug. It doesn't "shape" you in any way like a compression garment would. What it does do is smooth out imperfections. It's a little snug to the body- which is great.

most effective shapewear

most effective shapewear was an amazing purchase. I had three really big events coming up that I really needed a slip or spdsgsa for and didn't want to shell out 100 bucks. shapewear for womens tummy is so much better than my spdsgsa I currently own. Its much more comfortable than any best tummy tucker shapewear I have ever worn before. Its a slippery materials and the clothes I wear on top don't stick to it. Going to be bathroom is my only complaint and strapless bodysuit is difficult but I made it work. shapewear with straps very comfortable and true to size.I'm 4'10 and a curvy size 3 if you're getting the small it fits perfectly from top to bottom. lol I was surprised to see there's an opening at the crotch for only a quick # 1, no snaps so it fit comfortably.

most effective shapewear is the one to buy... I am 5'3" and 145 (very active and work out) but I am a mother so my tummy doesn't tighten as well as it use to so I bought shapewear for womens tummy to wear under a form fitting dress and it worked like a charm! This is definitely the one to buy!!!

most effective shapewear fits comfortably under my clothes and gave me a nice smooth look. best tummy tucker shapewear does not have to be removed to use the bathroom, a big plus when travelling. I will being taking this along on all my travels, when I plan to wear a dress or skirt outfit. I found this a true fit.

I have a two year old, and although I lost all but 15 pounds of my baby weight and have an hour glass shape that I love, most effective shapewear smoothes out any imperfections one could see when I wear a form fitted dress and makes me look even slimmer. Fabric is sturdy and hasn't torn as I put best tummy tucker shapewear on(despite my very long finger nails) I would definitely recommend this!

shapewear for womens tummy

This works great! Imost effective shapewear is tight, but that is the nature of a shaper! I highly recommend shapewear with straps when you have a special occasion!Super tight and sucked everything in.best tummy tucker shapewear was actually very comfortable, the adjustable straps were a big plus. All the edges were smooth so you could see no lines. Nice thing about the one with shorts you could wear them with pants.

best tummy tucker shapewear

I hate when the panty lines in a nice dress show, most effective shapewear IS THE SOLUTION! shapewear for womens tummy is perfect, smooth your body without compromising your figure and comfort. They are very comfortable. They are something that every woman should have. Important piece of your wardrobe.Flexxes has hit a new high with these best tummy tucker shapewear wear your own bra. The problem with all best shapewear in the past is that what's on top doesn't always fit what's on the bottom. And most of us need some kind of shaping in the middle. So this is the answer. Wear your own bra. Thank goodness. I have always been "top-heavy" but hip-negative. Now I can wear shape wear without having to give up my bra. And, shapewear with straps is lightweight and easy to get on and off. Thank you!

shapewear with straps

I bought most effective shapewear for a special occasion and was able to wear it for four solid hours with fairly minimal discomfort. I love the fact that it is crotchless as I could not imagine the struggle of peeling this down and tugging it back up in a small bathroom stall. My only complaint was that as a large-chested woman, the 'cups' were pushed to the side and kind of dug into my armpits a bit. Other than that, shapewear for womens tummy was amazing.shapewear for womens tummy is my very first review ever! I bought this best tummy tucker shapewear after reading the many reviews and I am very pleased with the purchase. I am 5'7" and at 145 pounds so I order a size small although they recommend me buy a M or L for my body size. It took some time to get in it but the fit is exceptional. I have a long torso and legs and everything is covered with the shapewear with straps. One drawback is that I can only wear it with dresses to my knee and longer because the shapewear is every long; slightly to the knee.

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I love,My squeem it makes my waistline look really small!...
This was my first Body shaper. In the meantime I got two or three from other brands but the esaning Body shaper is by far the best. It did its job. I now got another Body shaper but I could go one size smaller.
Fits perfectly. Makes me look wonderful in my clothes, takes inches off immediately. Its a must buy. I am going to purchase another one.
This item is good esp for your post pregnancy belly. It fits snug but comfortable. and it really holds you in. I love it.Try it!!!! You wont be dissapointed.!
It definitely makes you look slimmer and smoother. I love it and I highly recommend it
Good fit, nice smoothing effect.
Quality is good. Fit is not accurate. Bought this one for a friend and according to measurements I should have bought an extra large, but bought a large and still fits large, not compressing enough. She puts it on easily.
The fabric is lightweight, like the price but the size a too big. Made me feel good I wasn't as fat as I thought. Shipped really quick and customer service was really helpful with my exchange. I would suggest this product to anyone the needs a little assistance with bra bulge, post partum (with doctor's consent), or if your not feeling as tight.ALSO, refer to the size chart and measure before ordering saves a lot of time.
I like this product. It gave me a nice flat stomach and makes me look nice in form-fitting clothes and what's weird is that it seems to change my shape permanently.....and for the better....not sure if it's somehow training my abdominal muscles or if it's my imagination, but I highly recommend this product.
Have recommended this product to many people. Can't fault the product or the results.
I loved it. The delivery was fast and comes in a beautiful reusable plastic bag. It is of good quality and nice color. Shape the body very well, stay in place, I am using it in the process of losing weight and keeping my body firm.
The waist trainer is a great fit. I really like it,it is easy to put on and easy to take off. I just no I am going to get great results with the waist trainer.

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