• seamless corset shapewear & strapless body shaper plus size - fashion & bridal - 571869548264
  • seamless corset shapewear & strapless body shaper plus size - fashion & bridal - 571869548264
  • seamless corset shapewear & strapless body shaper plus size - fashion & bridal - 571869548264

caffeine hip lift bodysuit

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Body: 80% Silk.

Care Instructions: Machine was cold, gentle cycle. Wash before wearing. Only Non-chlorine bleach when needed. Lay flat to dry. Do not iron.

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Works perfectly. I like that it's very breathable and comfortable for all day wear. Will be buying another.Gives my body a nice smooth look. It as light as a feather. Very happy with it.

seamless corset shapewear

Follow the size guide for your measurements and seamless corset shapewear will fit great for you. Don't order a size smaller because you think it will make you look that much better; it will only be uncomfortable and create bluges. There is just enough control without being so firm and tight that it creates "bulges" where the shaper stops at legs/back. I bought strapless body shaper plus size to wear under a dress and it looked great. Also lifts your boobs really, really well. tight black bodysuit was a little uncomfortable in the crotch area from rubbing after a few hours, but not enough to make me have to take it off. There are lines down the front, so they would probably show through a super tight shirt. Add a camisole or tank underneath and that problem is solved. For the price, full body shaper with sleeves is a staple in my wardrobe.I love Flexees body shapers and I wear a shaper everyday. I have worn style 5160 for years. I just bought 2 style 5160 to replace some old ones and thought I was done. Then I was at a national department store and saw the torsette. I tried it on and bought it, knowing I was probably paying to much. But because breathable shapewear is labeled "new" I wasn't sure if Amazon would have it. Well, not only did Amazon have it, but for about $10 less. I bought two. Now I am really covered with shape ware.

I love seamless corset shapewear things, really do the job. strapless body shaper plus size was a great price, paid much more for my first one.

I love the line of seamless corset shapewear. I always get a size smaller because I want to look smaller...lol. I work out two-four days a week, but I wear these to make me look slimmer in the process. tight black bodysuit are very comfortable and move with you. They also provide awesome back support.

FANTASTIC body slimmer! I've tried a few others unsatisfactorily. The Flexees by esaning is very comfortable and provides exceptionally fantastic slimming capabilities. I'm 52 yrs old, 5'7", weighing approx 135, with a tummy that should be much flatter. This seamless corset shapewear gives me that flat stomach so that close-fitting dresses can be worn with confidence.This product is comfortable-eve though full body shaper with sleeves is tight but it is meant to be tight. It improves my posture and slims me. best shapewear does not fall down and does not show through clothing.

strapless body shaper plus size

Does seamless corset shapewear is job holding you in, comfortable, doesn't move, and undetectable under clothing, can't ask for more!

tight black bodysuit

I like seamless corset shapewear because I can wear it under my cloths and you do not see the seams like other slimmers. Yes I do think that there are other slimmers that make me feel slimmer but they bunch in the back or dig in my shoulders or you can see the seam in the front. This one the straps are attached which I like (never understood why some have detachable straps). strapless body shaper plus size doesn't have the rubber inside so I can wear it on hot days and tight black bodysuit is not too much.I tried a slimmer on at a department store and loved the way it made my cloths fit. They were about 60 to 80 bucks in stores! I got this for so much less and lace bodysuit is the exact same thing as the store offered! Love the under bra so I can still wear my own! I suggest trying one on at the store if you are worried about the size you need. I am a size 10 but needed a larger size in the slimmer since full body shaper with sleeves has great elastic in it!

full body shaper with sleeves

Girls: buy this seamless corset shapewear with confidence. I am not a fat person , but some things are not as toned as I may wish thy are..So if you want to have a COMFORTABLE amazing body briefer, chose this one! strapless body shaper plus size is amazing and tight black bodysuit is doing its job! Worth every single penny! Does not make you feel super squished, lets you breathe, can easily be pulled on, and hold things together! Love it!This is ideal for me, I am 5'5" weigh 155 and the large fits perfectly. It pushes up my chest more than I thought full body shaper with sleeves would! I suppose because it keeps the bra from sagging down. I'm short waisted so if you are especially long waisted this may not be for you.This is such a winner in terms of slimming! best shapewear to flatten stomach really does do the trick. I like that you can use whatever bra you like with it - a great option to make sure you get the bra support you want and need while slimming everywhere else and working with whatever neckline you choose.

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I wish I had gotten the next size down. It flattens my tummy, but I think a smaller one would have done more to shape my waist. Overall, I really like it. It does have a rubber smell that is dissipating and the surface is kind of tacky, so my shirt will stick to it a little.
Looks great under clothes!
It doesn't bunch and forms to my body perfectly for a natural curve. I love this product!!!
It was comfortable, probably a little too comfortable because I can sleep in in. The next time I purchase I will make sure to get the smallest size available.
Love the compression. It helps with back issues I have. Will be ordering the next size down.
I bought this to wear after I had my baby and at first it was too tight to put it on but after two weeks pp I wore it and now it's time to buy a smaller one:) it hold everything in and gives me nice curves.
I wear mine pretty much everyday and will continue to do so. I love this product!
Besides helping your figure with clear continuous use, also helps you improve your posture. the measurement chart is very accurate. I for my part to make sure my size use a tape measure to check before making the order. It is normal at first you feel uncomfortable.
I've only worn this for a short time. Working my way into a full day. It does for what I purchased this. On a long drive to support my back and help my posture. I've tried other similar items, I wanted this because of the shoulder straps, and that it comes up high on the back, I find it loose around the hips, but that's due to my lack of hips, not the garment. So far it is comfortable, even on a hot day.
Man I love this thing. I feel like Beyonce when I put it on ;-) It is very light weight and does not bulge under your clothes. It gives me a more pronounced hour glass figure and it boosts my confidence when I put it on. It does make your boobs look higher and bigger which I did not need. BUT it helps me maintain a great posture. I walk taller and I actually feel like I have lost weight while wearing it. I have a long torso, 5 ft 7 and I weigh 220. My waist went from 40 inches to 36. I am trying to get down to 34 inches. Overall I love this product and have recommended it to friends and coworkers. The main plus for me with his shaper is that it does NOT have a strong smell like some of the others. I just wipe it with a damp cloth and put it to air dry and it is fine. I believe that shape wear (when) worn correctly can be a great asset to your wardrobe. It is not an extreme process where you cannot breathe or walk comfortably. You gradually go down smaller once it fits and you are NOT in any pain or discomfort.
Fits pretty well! Love that I can wear with almost anything! Easy to put on and off!
I really like this body shaper. The material is nice and thick and provides good tummy control. The style is also good providing seamless coverage on your back since it goes all the way.

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