• sexy black long sleeve bodysuit | plus size body shaper uk - 544654480020
  • sexy black long sleeve bodysuit | plus size body shaper uk - 544654480020
  • sexy black long sleeve bodysuit | plus size body shaper uk - 544654480020
  • sexy black long sleeve bodysuit | plus size body shaper uk - 544654480020

new body shape

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Body: 81% Nylon.

Care Instructions: Machine was cold, gentle cycle. Wash before wearing. Only Non-chlorine bleach when needed. Lay flat to dry. Do not iron.

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I have always worn some type of compression garment since I was 12 years old. Got to the place I was wearing multiple garments over top of each other to try to smooth out areas..namely the back fat. I now can wear this garment only and it smooths the back fat for me. I would love for it to have more support in the stomach area but I'm pretty happy that after all these years I don't have stays punching into my skin. This is my second purchase and I will definitely be buying more.

sexy black long sleeve bodysuit

I am 5’1 $165 lbs I got a medium! sexy black long sleeve bodysuit is so comfy and the middle ( where it covers your stomach and back is very smoothing and keeps you nice and tight, it was a little hard to get plus size body shaper uk around my thighs and booty the first time but once it was on best shapewear fit perfect. You can breathe and it’s not uncomfortable at all. I wore it for 10 hours at work and it was awesome! Nice little open space at the bottom to use the restroom without taking it all off. Def recommend!

I bought this to wear under a cocktail dress and sexy black long sleeve bodysuit HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! I'm 5'4" and about 160lbs. My problem area is around the belly. I usually wear a size 10. I bought the medium after reading some reviews about not sizing up to get the benefits. I had to shimmy into plus size body shaper uk, but once it was on my belly disappeared!

Almost completely flat, and gave a great silhouette. I don't find sexy black long sleeve bodysuit as uncomfortable as some of the other reviewers. I probably wouldn't want to have anything that made me bloat in this, but otherwise it just makes you stand up straighter. I recommend plus size body shaper uk to anyone!

Love the way sexy black long sleeve bodysuit fit and the support plus size body shaper uk gives me.i am planning to my a few more.

plus size body shaper uk

Amazzzing...my first time wearing shape wear, I was nervous it wouldn't work out but I couldn't be more happy with this! sexy black long sleeve bodysuit is so comfortable! Love the material, I mainly wanted this for lower back pain. As soon as I got it on I could already feel some relief in my lower back and my posture was better.?? (if you have fat on your sides, tummy and back, this definitely tucks plus size body shaper uk in and comfortably ?? There's a concealed sewn in opening in case you need to use the restroom, so no worries there ???? I wear a large in some shirts, tank tops as I'm bigger on the upper body. Petite mid & large around my hips and butt. I have to try everything on. I was clueless on the size- this being best women's shapewear for tummy. I ended up ordering a Large ??... and black strapless bodysuit fits great! Very Happy!High quality ◇◇◇◇◇ Delivered prompt. Professional package. Highly recommend ??

I have spent a lot of money on sexy black long sleeve bodysuit. I hate shape wear. But, I'm 5'8, curvy, 240 lbs, and a size 14/16, and this think smooths like a dream, and feels like I'm wearing nothing. NOTHING. It's my dream. best shapewear for mummy tummy is my destiny. I ordered an XL, and it's perfect. I definitely have a tummy and thick thighs, and it was a STRUGGLE to get it on the first time. Don't be discouraged, it gets easier after that. And it is worth it. I also wear a 36H bra, and struggle with lift and correct cups without too much back fat....and it provides a nice lift, AND SMOOTHS OUT THE BACK FAT. WHO EVEN. WHAT EVEN. HOW EVEN. I do put on the shape wear and then put my bra over it to get ultimate smoothness. Anyways. Just wanted to share how much I love it. OH ALSO. plus size body shaper uk has a pee hole so, you know, you can do your business. :)

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I like this.... comfortable....control.....does what it says....
The product did exactly what was stated. It pulled me in and produced the desired hourglass figure.
When I'm wearing it I could breathe and it wasn't uncomfortable at all.
Love it love it love it. I would buy every color if it is not so pricey. :)
Fits perfectly well.
i love this for enhancing my hour glass figure- works great. I have the strapless version too, but I like this one better because it holds on the back fat that the strapless one lets poke out the top.
It truly does a great job at reshaping your figure to an hourglass. It does take some getting used to but it doesn't take long at all. I actually have less back pain while wearing this.
my favorite tool to use to help snatch my waist.
It fit as expected I picked out a medium sized one, I'm not oversized or anything I just use it for more curves and tummy tuck, Overall it's very good and great quality.

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