spring-summer mid-high triangle shaped pants

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Body: 72% Nylon.

Care Instructions: Machine was cold, gentle cycle. Wash before wearing. Only Non-chlorine bleach when needed. Lay flat to dry. Do not iron.

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Large baby belly problems. This sucked everything in and smoothed my curves. Made my belly flat. Very comfortable in it for long periods of hours and sitting down for long time too. Great and felt good in an empire dress. I look thin again! I'm glad I bought this! Very soft feeling too.This item fits perfectly, is easy to 'scrunch up' a bit if needed for a shorter hemline, and is definitely not as binding and suffocating feeling as some other brands are. Was able to easily pull this up to just below bra line and it was not so difficult to lower when needing to use the restroom.

spring-summer mid-high triangle shaped pants

I first bought the spring-summer mid-high triangle shaped pants at a local department store here in Florida and loved them from the start. However, I had a difficult time hooking the garment when wearing triangle shaped pants and realized the hook and eye tabs were designed for left-handed people. I took them to my seamstress and she reversed the hook & eye tabs and I no longer have trouble securing the garments. I wrote to the company to bring this flaw to their attention, but never received a response. In spite of that, I bought three additional best shapewear in Minnesota in August, then purchased three more here on Amazon.com. These body briefers feel like a second skin; they make me feel secure and give me a better shape.

I bought spring-summer mid-high triangle shaped pants in a 36DD as that is my bra size but that is only one part of me--the rest of me is a L/XL; 14 top/16 bottom. I probably should have gone up to a 38. I did manage to get triangle shaped pants on and I will wear it for my event, but it's a little snugger than it is meant to be.

I like the material and the control. And spring-summer mid-high triangle shaped pants does do a good job with supporting the girls, even if the effect is a little on the bullet side. triangle shaped pants is got a retro vibe that way.

I love this wasn't sure how to go about putting it on....that part was a little funny, tricky...but I managed, and I love it. Full cover under the cheeks( butt ) stays put. Not a thong or French cut.I wish spring-summer mid-high triangle shaped pants was a bathing suit. Great shape. Great tummy support. cute bodysuits cheap is as with most shape wear a little tricky to get on and off...thankful for the hook enough eyes down under??

triangle shaped pants

it would fit as expected, because I don't have luck with body briefers. But this one fits! Yea! Finally. I bought a 36D. I carefully pulled this on & up. Adjust straps a little... spring-summer mid-high triangle shaped pants was a fantastic fit. I was even able to get the back up properly by using the back straps to pull it into position. Just one small seam down the back. Does not dig into top of legs. So light you can't even feel you have it on.The wire doesn't fit exactly under my breast, but they always fit like that. My shape, thats all. :( That's the only drawback, yet triangle shaped pants had absolutely no negative effect while wearing all day long. I can't believe how comfortable this briefer is! Seems to have a firm control for me...keeps everything in one place...no jello stomach. LOL Very firm, in fact but not constricting in any way. Finally good support without feeling like I'm crammed into something abnormal, and wanting to get out quick! And one piece, not canvas panels or other stiff tent material. You can wear a separate bra under & it doesn't feel like too much, as this fall-winter high-waist slimming pants is a nice lacey-lite material. Cups fit perfectly, with great hold AND shape all on it's own even without a bra! If you've had trouble in the past with a briefer, try this one! I am going to buy a Black Smooth Briefer as well.

Buying more of these for sure - I am soooo thrilled. I had been wearing just shapewear briefs, but they pushed my tummy up so I had this weird shelf under my chest that didn't look very flattering. Then when I put a bra on, I just had all this smooshed rolly skin everywhere. Not a good look. This spring-summer mid-high triangle shaped pants has solved all that, I look thinner and itriangle shaped pants is not cutting off my circulation when I sit down. I wear size 12 Lucky brand jeans which I love, and I am so glad I don't have to buy 14's now. Slight wrestling to get this on, but that is to be expected. I wish spring / summer plus size color cotton thin slimming pants had snaps instead of a hook and eye crotch, but I can live with it. I am happy I don't have to find two undergarments to fit, now I can just slip this one piece on and be done.

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