• thin lace high waist shaper
  • thin lace high waist shaper

thin lace high waist shaper

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Body: 64% Nylon.

Care Instructions: Machine was cold, gentle cycle. Wash before wearing. Only Non-chlorine bleach when needed. Lay flat to dry. Do not iron.

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The Women Shapewear fit me perfectly. I like the material ,style, color,and the price. I'm so happy with my purchase,and it arrived on the date as expected. Yes I would recommend to my family, friends, and anyone interested in purchasing this item.

thin lace high waist shaper

I ordered one for my highschool reunion. I was skeptical, but this thing was amazing! I was totally impressed. And thankful! I looked very smoothed out and didn't muffin top over my fitted jeans. Even more impressive, is that I wasn't miserable. I wasn't even uncomfortable, despite being sucked-in/compressed, and despite the fact I drank beer all night. I didn't have to forego food or booze for the sake of not making it even tighter. thin lace high waist shaper still felt fine. I also wasnt overly hot in high waist shaper, and postpartum full body shaper was an outdoor reunion, in the south, in August.I'd post a before and after pic to show the improvement, but trust me, no one wants to see that. The "after" was great, the "before," not so much.... :o/

Great spdsgsa. thin lace high waist shaper is not ridiculously constricting, but high waist shaper is still firm support. Magically removes muffin tops. I’m going to get the black, too.

I wore thin lace high waist shaper for my wedding and they were a success. True to size and very comfortable, I recommend this high waist shaper for any girl trying to shape their curves.

Bow chika wow wow...! I love this best shapewear. I plan to buy the other nude color too. thin lace high waist shaper makes wearing fitted clothes a pleasure. Hello body con dresses! Hello confidence!I really like how this fits on me, and I love the material. So soft and smooth! However, the straps that hold it up are visible when I'm wearing any sort of tank top. If high waist shaper had thinner straps and was more in line with my bra straps, this would have definitely been a keeper!

high waist shaper

I recently wore this underneath a one-piece unitard/ leotard to a con. Man there is nothing like having a head to toe tight spandex leotard on your body walking around with a thousand people looking at your accoutrements! But my butt felt tight and my tummy felt tiny in my leotard with my spdsgsa underneath LOL thin lace high waist shaper was very easy to get on and off and I did not worry about the pee pee gusset because I had to pull down my one piece leotard anyway. I wore panties underneath it because I am just that way. I wore small ones and you could not see any line and trust me if you were going to see a line you would definitely see high waist shaper and what I had on. LOL *if I had a two piece outfit on I would not have worn panties* and would have used the gusset because you definitely would have to take your bottoms and top off to pull the spdsgsa down. But a one-piece was super simple. the men just had to wait a few extra moments for me in the bathroom. The size as perfectly as described, order according to the size guide. I highly recommend this best long sleeve bodysuits and especially over a different brand there is nothing like spdsgsa!

The tinkle slot is for real, people. And thin lace high waist shaper works like whoa. I went to a wedding and because weddings and people and crowds and social situations make me anxious, I drank a little. And then I drank a lot. And then you know how it goes once the seal is broken. I peed at least 6 times in the three hours I was wearing this high waist shaper, and nary a drop nor dribble landed on my person. Also, my dress zipped smoothly, which I guess is the whole point (but you should buy it for the tinkle slot. strapless full body shaper plus size is very liberating.)

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love this also fits and washes well
Perfect in every way.
It really really really works love it.
I love the fact that this shaper has bones in it to keep it from rolling down! The quality of the fabric was beyond my expectations, and I was pleasantly surprised by the workmanship. Customer service has been amazing and I will definitely purchase again!
I do not have any hourglass figure but with this garment I have a waist. The fit is Fantastic.
I placed am order for one of your tummy tucking body wear and love it. I am getting married in Dec and was very nervous when trying on dresses. I bought your item to go with me dress shopping and it was amazing. I was comfortable in my own skin again. I have a few extra rolls here and there from junk food binges. I am kicking myself for not ordering one in black too. I plan on recommending this to all my other friends getting married. Thank you for such a great.
I absolutely LOVE my shapewear. As a mom of three, it is not easy to get the mommy pouch tucked in an out of site. When there was a special awards ceremony for my workplace, I knew I needed to get one of these.

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