Winter new short single-breasted small fragrance wind wool coat 97198

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Material: 90% Viscose

Length: knee length

Sleeve: sleeveless

Adjustment: Suitable for club, nightclub, party, night out, clubwear, evening, wedding, homecoming. Style good for Spring,Summer,Autumn and Winter.

A few flaws with this dress, but overall super cute and comfortable. plus size summer new short-sleeved t-shirt top doesn't have a button to secure the inside of the dress, but luckily that's an easy fix. From far away polka dots looked white, but up close, they're pink. Still dress is totally worth it. The cuteness and comfortable factor kind of outweighed everything. I'm about to buy it in different colors.I love this dress! I wore plus size summer new striped chiffon shirt top when I went to Mexico with my friends and I received a lot of compliments. It’s constructed as a wrap dress, there is no zipper or button. I did have to retie the dress a few times throughout the day but it wasn’t a hassle. You can make it as tight or as loose depending on your body type. I am 5’2, 124lbs, 32B bra size and it fit me perfectly.
For the price, this is an adorable dress. I paid less than 20 for light blue casual dress. It’s very flattering. You will need to pin the bust area closed unless you are very small chested. I am 5,6” and wear size 8 pants, 36DD bust. This dress is way too short, and I actually really like shorter length dresses. I will be returning. Looks ok in my photos but in reality it barely covers my rear. Very cute dress for shorter ladies.For the price the quality is great. Def need a few safety pins or to sew in a button on the inside but other than that it’s a great summer dress.
I love love love this dress. I wore bodycon dress for Easter this year and got so many compliments. My ONLY complaint is the boob area. However, this was only a complaint on Easter when I would have like to have been more modest. I had to pin the dress in the cleavage area to make sure the girls were covered. Since then I have bought another dress in a different color and excited to wear them this summer! BUY THIS DRESS. if you’re second guessing whether or not to buy it.. BUY IT.This dress is so pretty and cute. Different dresses make you feel different ways, this one made me feel really cute, sweet, playful. I got a large and I normally wear large or medium. I did have to add a button on the inside because it’s a wrap dress but that was no problem. Took 3 minutes. I am ordering another dress in a different color. I currently have to red one and the polka dots are very light pink. I’m 5’2 and the length was just right. Mid thigh maybe - around there. I also added a little hook to the chest because I didn’t like how plus size summer new cotton and linen five-point sleeve sequin shirt looked with a shirt underneath and I didn’t want to be too exposed.
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