Prom season is around the corner and if it is not on your mind already it will be the topic of discussion soon. Here is a glimpse of all the hot new trends in the fashion world for Prom Season 2009.

Prints, Prints, Prints

Prom season will be extra wild this year with cheetah and zebra prints prowling the dance floor. Designers love of big and bold prints will be especially apparent with all the animal and floral prints. Keep an eye out for all the hot prints that will be making their debut this year.

Sexy Side Cutouts

Young ladies will be showing off their beautiful curves with sexy side cutouts on their bandage dress this prom season. The bandage dress will have one or more cut outs to keep the bandage dress flashy and fun. Encrusted Jewels and Rhinestones

Watch for the "bling bling" as jewel and rhinestone encrusted bodycon dress make a fabulous fashion statement that won't be missed. All styles of bodycon dress will be enhanced with some "bling" to give that "wow" effect and have eyes on you all night long.

Vibrant Colors

Prom will be bursting with brightly colored bodycon dress this year. These vibrant colors will welcome the summer sunshine as the school year comes to an end. You won't be able to miss the cheerful feel of color this year.

Polka Dots

One of the hip trends on the dance floor this year is polka dots in an array of colors and sizes. Designers had fun embellishing the bandage dress with contrasting color waist ties and bows. You can't miss these adorable fashion statements.

Crumb Catcher Necklines

The crumb catcher necklines will be an exceptionally dazzling detail this season. Watch for the gathered necklines in both v-neck and scallop shapes. All styles of the crumb catcher neckline will have that sophisticated yet sexy appeal.

Trains on bandage dress

Prom bodycon dress are going to have elegant trains this season for a red carpet feel. Open the doors to movie star flair and let the snap shots begin.

Sheath Style

The girls will be accentuating their sexy curves with figure-hugging sheath bodycon dress this prom season. With plenty of room for movement there will be lots of ladies getting their groove on at this year's prom. Keep up with the fun in one of these fabulous fashion statements.

Mermaid Style

Here come those long legs and sexy curves. Watch for the mermaid style bandage dress this year as ladies flaunt their stuff. The Mermaid style is a long-time favorite because it creates a dramatic sexy silhouette as it accentuates natural curves.

Ball Gown Style

The girls will be debuting their ball gown style bandage dress this year to give that princess feel to prom. Layers and layers of beautiful fabrics make these bodycon dress the icing on the cake. Make your grand entrance in this pouffy style and watch all eyes turn your way. Come in your horse drawn carriage and don't forget your tiara at home!

Short bodycon dress

The girls will welcome in the sun with flirty and fun short style bandage dress. Designers have given the short bandage dress beads, bows and full skirts to keep the bandage dress as unique as the girls. You won't be able to miss these chic short bodycon dress moving across the dance floor.


Halter bodycon dress give a glamorous feel to prom this season. Whether plunging or demure a halter style neckline will accentuate your assets and flatter your style. Look for a variety of halter styles in a large variety of fabrics and colors.

Low Backs

Sexy prom bandage dress with low backs add drama and glamour to prom season this year. Celebrity inspired low back bandage dress are guaranteed to bring out the goddess in every woman. Elegant and stately, the low back style brings movie star sparkle to any event.

Wrap Up

With all the colors and designs this year, prom is going to be quite the fashion show. Designers went all out with fun matching jewelry, heels, and clutch purses to accompany the fabulous prom bodycon dress this year. Watch for all of these hot trends making their debut on the high school red carpet at prom 2009.

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There's no need for your entourage to look like robots who are all wearing the exact same garment. You can have them wear varying styles of bridesmaids bodycon dresses based on their body type, but still have that coordinated look by selecting the same material for the bodycon dress. Your bridesmaids would even thank you later on because you did not insist on having them wear the exact same garment on your big day.

One easy way to be different is to select a bandage dress that is not white, ivory or any other traditional color. If you are daring enough to be a colorful bride, there are plenty of unique wedding bandage dresses out there for you. Most bridal boutiques might have a small selection of color wedding gowns, but since you are ditching the traditional gown, you are not limited to shopping at bridal boutiques. There are a number of retail stores that have beautiful bandage dresses that would look amazing as a wedding bandage dress.

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